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Dalton Gang Hideout Meade, Kansas

Welcome to the Dalton Gang Hideout online!

When coming to the Hideout you will be greeted by Eva Dalton-Whipple's little white house built in 1887 by her husband John Whipple. Eva was a sister of the notorious Dalton Brothers, Bob, Grattan, Emmett and Bill. It is a two story house, with the lower level having been built underground.The Dalton Gang Hideout is probably best known for its underground tunnel used by the Dalton Brothers Gang in the 1890"s. The tunnel itself is 95 feet long and connects the barn to the Whipple house. The barn is now the Gift Shop but it still retains it's old west feel. It had to be reconstructed after lighting struck it and burned it down. It is an exact replica of what the barn looked like when the Dalton's visited it. In the loft of the barn we have artifacts such as the two headed calf, a dwarf calf, various wildlife found in South West Kansas, barbwire, bits, and a gun exhibit
We also have the Heritage House located just east of Eva Whipple's home. It was built in 1900 by John Weherly and is a Sears and Robuck mail order house. It was the first home in Meade to have indoor plumbing and a bathroom was added in 1910. It was also the first house in Meade to be wired for electricity in 1915. Currently we are trying to get a new roof on this beautiful home and doing some fixing up ourselves on it.  
There is alot to see at our wonderful museum and we would love to have you visit us!
We are open 7 days a week from 9-5, Monday thru Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday.Closed on major holidays. Admission is $4.00 per person and kids under 5 get in free. Pets are also welcome!!


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